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Bridesmaid Responsibilities Checklist | Duties You Need To Know

Here’s your ultimate Bridesmaid Responsibilities checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared and ready to be the best bridesmaid possible!

From helping plan pre-wedding events to dress shopping, there are many things that you may be asked to be involved with. 

Your Ultimate Bridesmaid Role Checklist

Read on to discover a list of bridesmaid duties. Remember, these are typical responsibilities we’ve encountered here at The King Suite, a popular wedding venue in Berkshire.

It’s crucial to liaise with the bride and couple to offer assistance and fully understand your role. 

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Pre-Wedding Bridesmaid Duties

Celebrate The Couple’s Engagement: As a bridesmaid one of your first responsibilities is to celebrate the joyous occasion of the couple’s engagement. Whether it’s organising a small engagement party or simply sharing in their excitement, showing your support from the beginning sets a positive tone for the entire journey ahead.

Help Plan The Hen Party: Planning the hen party is a crucial task and as a bridesmaid you may be asked to help. From choosing the venue to arranging activities your role is to ensure the bride has a fantastic time before her big day.

Bridesmaid Wedding Dress Shopping: Bridesmaid shopping entails accompanying the bride to select dresses that complement her vision and the wedding theme. Your feedback and assistance during fittings and decisions on accessories can help ensure the bridesmaid dresses are perfect for the occasion.

Help The Bride Choose Her Dress: Assisting the bride in choosing her wedding dress involves offering support and honest opinions during fittings and shopping trips. Your role is to help her feel confident and beautiful in her choice, ensuring she finds the dress that matches her style and vision.

Bride picking a wedding dress for her bridesmaid to comment on

Assist With Wedding Planning: Supporting the bride with wedding planning tasks can vary from addressing invitations to finding suppliers. Your willingness to lend a hand with these details lightens her load and contributes to a smoother planning process.

Attend Wedding Rehearsals: Attending wedding rehearsals is essential for understanding your role on the big day and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Paying attention to cues and timing during the rehearsal helps prepare you to assist the bride and ensure a flawless ceremony.

Be There For The Couple: Beyond logistical tasks being there emotionally for the couple is crucial. Your role as a bridesmaid includes offering support, listening to their concerns, and providing reassurance throughout the wedding planning process and beyond.

Prepare An Emergency Kit: A well-prepared emergency kit ensures you’re ready for any unexpected situations on the wedding day. Include essentials like safety pins, tissues, wet wipes, and plasters to handle wardrobe malfunctions or minor mishaps.

Help The Maid Of Honour: Assisting the maid of honour (if there is one) involves collaborating on various tasks such as coordinating with vendors, organising bridal showers, or supporting her in managing the bridal party.


Bridesmaid helping Maid Of Honour with wedding tasks, one of the any bridesmaid responsibilities

Wedding Day Bridesmaid Duties

Get Ready With The Bride: Getting ready with the bride is a special bonding time where you assist her with final touches, offer emotional support, and ensure she looks and feels her best. This includes helping her into her dress, arranging her veil, and sharing in pre-wedding excitement together.

Walk Down The Aisle: Walking down the aisle is a pivotal moment where you accompany the bride, either as part of the bridal party or alone, depending on the ceremony. 

Potentially Give A Speech & Wedding Toast: Giving a speech is an opportunity to express your love and support for the couple. Whether you’re sharing heartfelt memories, offering well-wishes, or adding humour, your speech should be sincere and reflect your relationship with the bride or couple.

Help Things Run Smoothly: Throughout the wedding day your role includes ensuring things run smoothly behind the scenes. This involves assisting with last-minute details, coordinating with suppliers, and handling any unforeseen challenges discreetly to minimise stress for the bride and groom.

Bride and groom being showered with wedding confetti

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Bridesmaid Responsibilities FAQs

What are your duties as a bridesmaid?

As a bridesmaid your duties typically include assisting with wedding planning, attending dress fittings, organising or participating in bridal showers, offering emotional support to the bride, attending rehearsals, and helping on the day of the wedding with tasks like dressing and ensuring things run smoothly.

What is a bridesmaid responsible for paying?

Bridesmaids are generally responsible for purchasing their own attire (dress, shoes, accessories), covering travel expenses (if applicable), contributing to group wedding gifts for the bride, and possibly sharing the cost of hosting bridal events such as the bachelorette party. 

What not to do as a bridesmaid?

As a bridesmaid remember not to steal the spotlight from the bride, criticize her decisions, or add unnecessary stress. Stay punctual and most importantly, be her biggest cheerleader leading up to the wedding and on the big day itself. 

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