biodegradable wedding confetti ideas

12 Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Ideas

Many wedding venues (including ours) require biodegradable confetti.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 fantastic biodegradable confetti ideas for your special day.

Be sure to check with your venue about their specific confetti policies, as they can vary. Get ready to be inspired!

Wedding guests throwing biodegradable wedding confetti

Unique Biodegradable Confetti Ideas

Origami Confetti: Tiny origami shapes made from biodegradable paper such as hearts or stars adding a personalised touch.

Eucalyptus Leaves: Eucalyptus leaves are a unique and biodegradable choice for wedding confetti. Their natural beauty and fresh scent make them a delightful alternative to traditional options and they break down harmlessly in the environment.

Seed Paper Wedding Confetti Cones: Seed paper confetti is made from biodegradable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. After the celebration, guests can plant the confetti to grow beautiful flowers making it a sustainable and memorable option.

Bees enjoying the wildflowers from the seed cones that were filled with wedding confetti

Dried Flower Wedding Confetti

Lavender Buds: Lavender buds are a lovely, fragrant choice for confetti. Their natural purple hue adds a pop of colour and their calming scent provides an extra layer of sensory delight for your guests.

Hydrangea Petals: Dried hydrangea petals offer a soft and delicate look for your wedding confetti. These petals are lightweight and come in a range of pastel shades, creating a dreamy atmosphere as they float through the air.

Rose Petal Confetti: Dried rose petals are a classic and romantic option for biodegradable wedding confetti. They come in a variety of colours, adding a touch of elegance to your wedding day while being environmentally friendly.

rose petals biodegradable wedding confetti ideas

Colourful Wedding Confetti

Rainbow Petals: Rainbow petals are a delightful and environmentally-friendly option for wedding confetti. These petals are carefully sourced from various flowers to create a rainbow effect.

Same Colour Different Shades: Consider matching your wedding colour theme with confetti. Choose various shades of a colour to create a stunning effect.

Rainbow Confetti: Biodegradable rainbow confetti is a colourful and eco-friendly choice for weddings.

rainbow biodegradable wedding confetti ideas

Alternative Wedding Confetti Ideas

Bubbles: Bubbles are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to traditional confetti. As guests blow bubbles, they create a whimsical and visually appealing effect, perfect for capturing stunning photographs without leaving any waste behind.

Herbal Confetti: Herbal confetti, made from dried herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and mint, adds a fragrant and eco-friendly touch to your wedding. This aromatic option not only looks beautiful but also provides a pleasant scent as it’s tossed into the air.

Confetti Cannons: Biodegradable cannons are a sustainable and festive way to add excitement to weddings. These cannons shoot out biodegradable confetti or petals in a burst of colour and joy.

confetti cannons on bride and groom biodegradable wedding confetti ideas

We hope that our article has inspired your big confetti moment. 

Remember to let your photographer know when your guests can to throw confetti so they can capture your confetti shots.

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Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Ideas FAQs

How to make biodegradable confetti for a wedding?

To make biodegradable confetti for a wedding start by gathering natural materials like dried flower petals or herbs. You can dry your own flowers by pressing them or purchase pre-dried petals. For a unique touch use a hole punch to create rounded confetti pieces or simply use the dried petals as they are. Mix and store the confetti in a cool dry place for awhile then package it for your guests to throw during the celebration.

What can you use instead of confetti at a wedding?

Instead of confetti you can use bubbles, sparklers, or dried lavender. These are great alternatives that are environmentally friendly and add a unique touch to your big day. Rose petals or eco-friendly paper confetti are also great options for a beautiful and sustainable choice.

Does every wedding guest need confetti?

Not every wedding guest needs confetti. You might choose to provide confetti just for the bridal party, but most guests enjoy joining in with the confetti throwing. You can place a pouch of confetti on each seat at the ceremony or set up a confetti cone station where guests can grab a handful if they wish. 

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