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12 Unique Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Are you ready to discover imaginative wedding reception decor ideas? At The King Suite we’ve hosted countless weddings and witnessed an array of stunning decorations.

Read on and get ready to be inspired! 

Wedding table reception decor ideas

Floral Wedding Reception Decorations

1. Hanging Floral Installations: Create a beautiful visual with hanging floral installations around your wedding venue. Consider putting them above the dance floor or dining area and use a mix of greenery, blooms, and cascading flowers to add depth and elegance.

2. Floral Wall Backdrop: Simply one of the best floral wedding decoration ideas, incorporating a floral works as a stunning backdrop for group photos. Incorporate a variety of blooms for a vibrant, Instagram-worthy setting.

3. Blooming Bar Flowers: Decorate the bar area with floral arrangements that match your wedding colours. You can even add edible flowers as garnish for cocktails for a visually stunning twist to your wedding party. 

Cocktails from the bar garnished with edible flowers

Wedding Table Decorations

4. Unique Table Numbers & Place Cards: Instead of traditional numbers personalise each table with unique names or themes that reflect your journey as a couple that hold special meaning to you both. You can even go all out with your place cards and add a heartfelt message on the back of them for each of your guests. 

5. Vintage Cutlery Touch: Create a charming table setting by combining an assortment of vintage plates, glasses, and silverware. This mix adds a sense of warmth and character to your dining experience.

6. Dried Flower Vase Centrepieces: Get creative and embrace eco-friendly elegance with dried flowers as unique table decorations. 

Dried flower in vase centrepieces for tables. A great wedding reception decor idea.

DIY Wedding Reception Decorations

7. Hand-Painted Signage: Create your own wedding decor with personalised signs with hand-painted lettering or calligraphy. Use wood or canvas to create signs, welcome boards, or table labels with a personal touch.

8. Personalised Favours: Make your favours stand out with DIY touches. Consider handmade candles or pouches filled with treats that your guests will love. For wedding favour inspiration check out our article “16 Edible Wedding Favour Ideas That Your Guests Will Love“.

9. Twinkling LED Fairy Lights: Transform your venue with DIY magic by placing twinkling lights inside jars or hanging them around the venue which adds a magical touch to your big day, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding

Fairy lights in bottle. A great wedding reception decor idea.

Rustic Wedding Decorations

10. Tree Slice Place Settings: Use tree slices as place settings or drink coasters. These natural elements bring a touch of the countryside to each table setting, adding texture and warmth to your rustic wedding décor.

11. Rustic Signage: Use wooden signs or chalkboards with handwritten messages or directional signs. Place them strategically around your venue to guide guests and add a personalised rustic touch to your wedding celebration.

12. Rustic Dessert Display: Arrange desserts on wooden crates, barrels, or tree slices for a rustic dessert display. Incorporate pies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats to create a charming and inviting spread for guests.

We hope you enjoyed the read and found a wealth of ideas to help inspire your wedding day. For more amazing wedding-related reads head over to our Blog page.

Wedding Reception Decor Ideas FAQs

How to decorate for a wedding reception on a budget?

Decorating for a wedding reception on a budget can be done creatively by focusing on simple yet impactful elements. Go for DIY centrepieces using inexpensive flowers or greenery and repurpose items like mason jars filled with fairly lights for charming table decorations. By prioritising key areas and using affordable materials, you can achieve a beautiful wedding reception decorations without overspending.

How to DIY your wedding decor?

DIY wedding decor allows you to add a personal touch. Start by brainstorming themes and colour schemes that reflect your style. Create handmade centrepieces, signage, and floral arrangements using tutorials and craft materials. You can even ask help of friends and family to assemble decorations. 

What is the most important thing at a wedding reception?

The most important aspect of a wedding reception is creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for wedding guests to celebrate the newlyweds’ union. This includes providing delicious food and drinks, creating a comfortable seating arrangement, and ensuring smooth transitions between key events like speeches and dances. Ultimately, this is something your wedding planner or coordinator can help with if you have one. 

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