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The Ultimate Best Man Checklist

Being asked to be the Best Man at a wedding is an honour, and it often comes with many duties. 

From offering the groom emotional support on the day of the wedding to planning the stag do, the Best Man is responsible for various tasks to ensure the groom and bride’s special day runs smoothly.

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Continue reading to discover the Best Man’s responsibilities!

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Best Man Pre-Wedding Duties

As the Best Man your role begins months before the wedding day itself. Here are some typical responsibilities you might expect:

Organising the Stag Do: The groom may want you to coordinate the stag do and other pre-wedding events to celebrate his upcoming nuptials.

Write a Best Man Speech: One essential task to complete before the big day is writing your best man speech and practicing it until you feel completely comfortable delivering it.

Offering Emotional Support: Be there for the groom whenever he needs emotional support, whether it’s to lend a listening ear or provide words of encouragement during challenging times. After all wedding planning can be stressful.

Helping with Suit Shopping: Accompany the groom to suit fittings and offer honest opinions and assistance in choosing the perfect wedding suit and groomsmen attire.

wedding suit shopping for groom and groomsmen

Keeping Track of Details: Help the groom stay organised by keeping track of important dates, deadlines, and appointments related to the wedding.

Liaise with the Maid Of Honour: If the couple is having a Maid Of Honour you may want to get in touch with her to see if you can help in any way.

Special Wedding Gift: Whilst not compulsory, you may want to give a sentimental gift to the groom. 

Remember, while these are typical responsibilities every wedding is unique, and the bride and groom may ask you to get involved with other aspects of the planning process.

Best man giving a special gift to the groom at his wedding

Best Man Duties On The Wedding Day

On the big day itself your role as Best Man shifts to ensuring everything runs smoothly for the groom. Here are some typical duties you may be responsible for:

Assisting the Groom: Help the groom get ready on the morning of the wedding, including helping him into his suit, doing any last-minute touch-ups, and ensuring he has everything he needs.

Keeping the Rings Safe: One of the most important duties for the best man is often being entrusted with the role of ring bearer, responsible for keeping the wedding rings safe ahead of the wedding ceremony. Even if you’re not the official ring bearer, you may still be tasked with safeguarding the rings.

Managing the Groomsmen: Take the lead and coordinate with the groomsmen to ensure everyone is ready on time and knows their roles for the day, such as walking down the aisle and participating in the ceremony.

Handling Emergencies: Be prepared to handle any unexpected emergencies that may arise such as wardrobe malfunctions or transportation delays.

Bride arriving at the wedding venue after transportation delay that the best man fixed

Keeping the Groom Calm: Offer emotional support to the groom throughout the day, helping him stay calm and relaxed as he prepares to say “I do.”

Acting as the Groom’s Point of Contact: Serve as the main point of contact for suppliers, family members, groomsmen and other members of the wedding party, allowing the groom to focus on enjoying his special day.

Deliver Your Best Man Speech: By the wedding day you should have already practiced your speech and gone over it with a trusted person to make sure it’s appropriate. Now, it’s time to deliver your speech!

Again, while these are typical best man responsibilities the couple may have specific requests or preferences, so be sure to communicate with them to ensure you’re meeting their expectations.

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Ultimate Best Man Checklist FAQs

What is expected of a best man?

The best man is expected to support the groom throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day. This includes organising the bachelor party, assisting with wedding preparations, providing emotional support, managing the groomsmen, ensuring everything runs smoothly on the wedding day, and delivering a heartfelt speech at the reception.

What are the rules for choosing a best man?

Choosing a best man typically involves selecting someone close to the groom such as a brother, best friend, or close relative. The best man should be dependable, organised, and capable of handling responsibilities like planning events and managing details on the wedding day. Ultimately, the groom should choose someone he trusts and feels comfortable with.

Does the best man look after the rings?

Yes, the best man is often responsible for looking after the wedding rings. This involves keeping them safe before the ceremony and ensuring they are ready to be handed to the officiant or passed to the groom and bride at the appropriate moment during the ceremony.

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