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How To Write A Maid Of Honour Speech | Tips, Examples & More

Wondering how to write a maid of honour speech? This guide will help you craft a heartfelt and memorable tribute to the bride and groom on their special day!

At The King Suite we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many weddings and witnessing many touching speeches.

We’re excited to share our expert tips with you so you can write a amazing maid of honour speech.

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How To Write The Perfect Maid Of Honour Speech

Introduction: Start your speech with a warm greeting to the guests and introduce yourself. Share how you know the bride, whether you’re childhood friends, sisters, or have a special bond.

Personal Stories: Choose personal anecdotes that highlight the bride’s character, qualities, and your relationship with her. Include one or two good stories making sure they are appropriate for the occasion, avoiding any embarrassing or overly intimate details.

Include Sentiment: Infuse your speech with genuine sentiment and emotion. Express your admiration for the bride and your happiness for her finding love. Share touching moments that illustrate her kindness, strength, or the bond you share.

Celebrate the Couple: Acknowledge the groom and their relationship. Share your thoughts on their journey together, how they complement each other, and why they make a perfect pair. Express your best wishes for their future happiness.

Offer Words of Wisdom: Provide sincere advice or well wishes for their married life ahead. You can draw from your own experiences or offer timeless advice about love, communication, and partnership.

Raise a Toast: Conclude your speech with a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds. Raise your glass and invite everyone to join you in celebrating their love and the exciting journey they are about to embark on together.

Maid of honour giving speech at wedding

Maid Of Honour Speech Examples

Use these templates below as a foundation to personalise your maid of honour speech, ensuring it reflects your unique relationship with the bride and your heartfelt wishes for the newlyweds. 

Template 1 – Heartfelt Speech

Opening: Begin with a personal anecdote about your friendship with the bride, emphasising her kindness and unwavering support.
Transition: Share your happiness in witnessing her find true love with the groom, highlighting their special bond.
Conclusion: End with a heartfelt toast to their future together, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and love.

Template 2 – Humorous Speech

Opening: Start with a light-hearted and humorous anecdote that showcases the bride’s sense of humour or a memorable experience you’ve shared.
Transition: Transition to warm words about the bride’s relationship with the groom, expressing your delight in seeing them together.
Conclusion: At the end of the speech conclude with a humorous yet sincere toast, celebrating their love and wishing them joy and laughter in their marriage.

Template 3 – Mix Of Both

Opening: Share a meaningful moment that illustrates the bride’s great qualities.
Transition: Discuss how the bride and groom complement each other perfectly, blending heartfelt sentiments with amusing anecdotes about their relationship.
Conclusion: Offer inspiring words about love and commitment, infused with humour, and conclude with a toast to their happiness and lifelong journey together.

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5 Maid Of Honour Speech Tips

Mastering the art of delivering a maid of honour speech takes practice. Here are additional tips to help you shine:

  1. Practice Your Speech: Rehearse your speech several times to ensure you are comfortable with the content and delivery. Practice in front of a mirror or with a friend for feedback. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the speech order on the big day too.
  2. Timing: Aim for a speech that lasts around 3-5 minutes. Keep your speech short and sweet, no longer than 10 minutes. Time yourself during rehearsals to find the right pace and ensure you stay within the time limit.
  3. Engage Your Audience: Maintain eye contact with the bride, groom, and guests throughout your speech. Speak clearly and project your voice to ensure everyone can hear you, especially in larger venues.
  4. Respectful Content: Avoid controversial topics, overly personal details, or jokes that may not resonate with all guests. Your speech should be inclusive and suitable for all ages.
  5. Toast Etiquette: End your speech with a heartfelt toast to the couple. Raise your glass and invite everyone to join you in toasting their love and future together.
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We hope that you’ve been inspired and now have everything you need to know when writing your maid of honour speech.

By following these tips and examples you can write a perfect maid of honour speech that honours the bride, delights the wedding guests, and adds a special touch to their memorable day.

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How To Write A Maid Of Honour Speech FAQs

How do you start a maid of honour speech?

Begin your maid of honour speech by introducing yourself and your relationship with the bride. You can start with a warm greeting to the guests and express your gratitude for being part of this special day. Consider sharing a brief anecdote that reflects your bond with the bride or a heartfelt quote about friendship and love.

What not to say in a maid of honour speech?

Avoid mentioning any embarrassing or overly personal stories that may make the bride uncomfortable or offend the guests. Steer clear of inside jokes that only a few people will understand, and don’t make it up as you go along. Additionally, refrain from discussing past relationships or anything that could detract from the positive and celebratory atmosphere of the wedding.

Does a maid of honour do a speech in the UK?

Yes, it is customary for the maid of honour to give a wedding speech in the UK. The maid of honour’s speech typically follows after the best man speech and offers an opportunity to share personal anecdotes about the bride and  express well wishes to the happy couple. 

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